About our Physicians

Lancaster Urology, ("LU") as we know it today is the result of a long history of bringing about the right group of physicians beginning in 1946. As the group looks toward the future, they are also glancing backwards to see how far medicine has evolved. With the development of technological advances the practice of urology has gone from a surgical specialty to a specialty that has utilized the development and advancement of non-invasive procedures.

The doctors have incorporated several philosophies in their work ethic: only hire a doctor to work in our practice if it is a physician that you would go to or would send a family member for treatment. Select hard working doctors with a first-class, superior work ethic and communicate with the patients in detail and give them all the options for treatment.

About Us


Executive Committee

President Paul Sieber, MD
Vice President Robert Hong, MD
Secretary Mark Jarowenko, MD
Treasurer Kenneth Lessans, MD
Member at Large Christopher Woodard, MD